– Specializing in small trees, shrubs, hedges, along with fruit trees

  • Keep in mind there is a right way and a wrong way to prune trees and shrubs.  Pruning is a science and an art. 
  • Correct pruning sets the framework for a long-lasting healthy plant specimen
  • Healthy flowers and fruit is the direct result of a proper pruning job!
Landscape Design & Installation
  • New home and office full scale installation
  •  Landscape renovation of existing landscapes
  •  Retaining walls and patios
  •  Tree and shrub installation
 Lawn Irrigation System
  • Complete installation of new system 
  • Repair and addition of existing system
  • Spring startup 
  • Winterization 
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Landscape Winterization
  • Mulching of shrubbery for upcoming cold weather
  • Cutting back spent Perennials/Annuals
  • Leaf Cleanup
  • Applying Winterizer fertilizer to lawns
  • Winterization of lawn and Drip Irrigation Systems
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  • Areating:  Promotes and stimulates root development, allows better water drainage.  Loosens compacted soils.
  • Thatching:  Removes dead grass material which allows better air/water/nutrient uptake to roots.  
  • Fertilizing:  Based on the time of growing season, the proper fertilizer consisting of a blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium to optimize nutrient uptake.  
  • Clean up
  • * Remember* Spacing(areate/thatching), water and nutrients are the foundation for a healthy lawn.  As well as, a good topsoil in place subsurface.
4-Step Lawn Maintenance